Grand Prize Painting

Sarah Janece Garcia's painting titled “First Light” is the Grand Prize winner in the Uncommon Goods Art Contest. 

Artist Statement: The piece titled "First Light" is inspired by a Pueblo story that speaks of a majestic hummingbird being a savior to their nation when the earth caught fire. Legend has it that when this nation"s beautiful land and people were in danger a hummingbird went and gathered the clouds from the north, south, east and west. While on its quest for the rain clouds the hummingbird flew through a rainbow and it is believed that is where the bird got its beautiful colors. After gathering these clouds the rain put out the flames and the magnificent hummingbird saved the nation. My painting "First Light" is meant to capture the majestic savior flying through the sky in that first sunlight after the rain storm that saved the people and land from the fire. The idea of a small and brave creature of the sky saving a piece of our earth truly inspired me to recapture that golden moment when the clouds parted and the sun shined on that saved nation.