Sarah Janece Garcia’s fascination with abstract expressionism has always played an imperative role in her creative process. Sarah has often described the abstract elements in her work as the way she most accurately is able to capture the dynamic movements of water and wind throughout her paintings. The shifting transitions, blends, and splashes in Sarah’s work continue to allow her to guide line, shape, and color in a way that appears quick, loose, and lively yet still retains deliberate and thought out composition. It is through this abstract expression that Sarah’s artistic stories unfold and her vision is correctly expressed in each piece she creates. In an effort to more fully express the abstract translation of what inspires Sarah she has now began creating a new mixed media abstract only collection. This collection has quickly become a growing line of artwork that Sarah hopes to continue delving deeper into and she invites each viewer to join her in connecting with and existing in these abstract explorations.

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“I have an innate love for color, shape, line, composition and energetic movement. I believe working to capture these elements in my art allow me to speak a visual language that I have an unending passion to express. Creating this visual expression of my inner realm of thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and inspirations has been a labor of love I have been fortunate enough to explore through the creative process of making art for as long as I can remember. I have always used abstract expressions as the foreground in which all my paintings stories are depicted and told. A fully abstract collection has been an organic path just waiting to emerge in my artistic journey. I found myself drawn to creating abstract work as it allows me to fully depict my ever-growing love for the many elements of nature that surround us all and my expansive appreciation for the powerful law of attraction that I feel exists in the universe. Combining mixed media materials, primarily watercolor and pastels, with abstract expression I am able to explore not only what is seen with the eyes but also what I feel to be the spectacular unseen elements of the world that can only be felt and experienced. I am immersed in this new line of work and this amazing world around us provides endless inspirations to explore in my new collection." -Sarah Janece Garcia



My hope with this collection is to capture the wildlife that roams the earth alongside us, swims freely near us, and flies peacefully above us in unique ways to show the spirit and energy they have while also celebrating the vibrancy they bring to life.

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The Landscape Collection is motivated by my deep and unending love for the natural wonders of our Earth. Each painting is meant to express my gratitude for the beauty and life-giving powers nature provides to us all. My landscape pieces are inspired by my photos & the memories of my time spent outdoors. My wish for each painting is to capture not only the visual beauty of the environment but to also capture what it feels like to be amongst the magic of the landscape. To hike to hidden valleys, hear the ancient peaceful sounds, breathe the fresh revitalizing air, and feel the pulse of the earth...that is the experience I hope to properly capture throughout this collection.